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Krakow for tourists

City guide for tourists in Krakow

Collections of Auschwitz Birkenau museum: the recall of daily suffering in the camp
visit auschwitzAt the time of the travel to in the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration and extermination camp one would be shown big deal single objects used in normal life by the ones who were suffering therein. All objects maintained there truly reveal the serious striving as well as efforts of the deportees.

In the exposition, anyone would find the big number of private items possessed by the victims involvong pieces of clothing sanitary equipment, books as well as many others. The objects showing the victims' determination to preserve nobleness and also proper morale are on display, as well.

They are represented in the shape of bits of poetry, graphics and some different visual proves. The display also has various objects possessed by the SS garrison. Let’s arrive to Auschwitz-Birkenau and acquire a broader insight into the harshness of living in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

Preparing to visit Auschwitz? Take only comprehensive trips and forget about troubles.

Tatra Mountains - you would love it!
Tatra mountainsMaking up the highest mountains in the Carpathian Mountains area, Tatra Mountains lie in the locality the Polish boundary line with Slovakia. The tallest peak in Slovakia, Gerlach, is 2655 meters tall while Rysy in Poland get 2499 meters height. The total mountain chain runs more than fifty kilometers.

The resort is very touristed among tourists who besides reach for near Zakopane town. The glorious scenery, fresh environment but also fantastic skiing and hiking conditions are what makes this region so specific. Depending on your requirements, in Tatra Mountains one may besides wander, go for a bicycle, paraglide or choose some other leisure activity you like.

Don’t forget to come across miraculous lake ‘Morskie Oko’ (‘Sea Eye’) as you’re in the locality. Another must-see in Tatras is Kasprowy Peak where you can rent a cable car and admire many exciting views. Don’t waver and see unusual Tatras resort.

The Auschwitz death camp: testimonial of the awful record.
Auschwitz BirkenauThe exhibits archive placed in the southern Poland, in Oświęcim, is the historical monument where you would observe the German extermination camps KL I Auschwitz and Auschwitz KL II - Birkenau. The dramatic past of the killings tooked place in Auschwitz in the course of World Word the 2nd is commemorated in the museum. The Museum was opened in 1947 and further on is located in plenty of real constructions. The surrounding area extends on 191 hectars.

What one will see there are moreover real road, the ramp, the railing along with many various archives and evidence of the suferrers' existence and pain including the devices of daily procedure like shoes, cases etc.

There is the main exhibition along with several temporary ones commemorating the murdered of different origins. Many of visitors each year make it the most commonly visited former Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp among the entire Europe.

Discover Ojcow National Park.
Ojcowski National ParkAbout sixteen km far off from Krakow, Ojcow National Park lies in the Jurrasic Krakow Częstochowa Upland. You will love this environment in spite of the fact it belongs to one of the narrowest national parks in Poland.

The park's tremendous untouched scenery attracts many holidaymakers every year. The park's popular trademark is the uniquely-shaped ‘Hercules’ Budgeon’ stone. some other attraction of the region is the fabulous Pieskowa Skala Castle, currently existing as a European art exhibition.

The reserve protects many species of unusual fauna representatives such like hawks, woodpeckers or kingfishers. Don’t forget to visit the awesome Pieskowa Skala Castle while you’re in Nationa Park of Ojcow.

Gorge of Dunajec – very fascinating spot!
dunajec raftingThe Dunajec Gorge, known as the pearl of Pieniny Mountains, is virtually one of the most attractive spots you should come across when coming to Poland. The Gorge passes through south of Poland and northern Slovakia. It makes up the famous tourist territory where you will go through the rafting experience along theDunajec River. Dunajce gorge forms 7 meanders and is closed by really high limestone and dolomite stones.

Rafting on the woody kayaks you will observe the unbroken charm of the nearest nature – rare plants and infrequent animals. All these parts will carry you pleasure as well as persistent memories. The rafting trip also involves sightseeing other intriguing places suchlike historical castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn.

The 2h excursion should provide you the opportunity for making beautiful photos of the magnificent scenery. Don't forget that the Dunajec River Gorge is on UNESCO’s Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in Poland so you simply have to come up and see it!

Wieliczka Salt Mine – the fascinating subsurface experience.
salt mine in wieliczkaWieliczka Salt Mine, which is one of the most popular attractions along Poland, provides the attractive way for guests from all around the world. Surely you may become impressed getting to know the whole salt mine length which is around 300 km.

What you will experience is to get through around 3,5 kilometers 65-135 subsurface witnessing impressive mining spaces. Also different marks of mining labour expressively portray the roughness of their occupation. Big, awesome salt works and rock salt other arts make up another familiar image inside the salt mine.

By the end of the route you will remain in the grouped chamber spaces where you will have the possibility to acquire several unforgettable objects made of salt. It should be mentioned that, it is advisable for allergiques and respiratory tract sufferers to stay on and take a breath the remedial, salt air. Come and see such unique attraction belowground!

Airport of Katowice
katowice airport shuttle Pyrzowice is a regional airport that in terms of numbers of people served is third in Poland. Katowice airport is situated close to the town named Pyrzowice, approx. 30km to the Katowice’s downtown. 3,6mln passengers per annum are able to use 2 terminals. In 2003 the airport became a business partner of the cheap airlines. Since 2003, the radical increase in the number of connections can be noticed.

There are 2 definitely positive facts about Pyrzowice airport – it’s got the most charter connections in Poland and, simultaneously, it can be treated as the quickest developing airport in Poland. The biggest amount of flights are dominated by the Hungarian airline – Wizz Air. Some Polish authorities are trying to increase the comfort for the users by developing transfers from Katowice airport to Krakow with other cities.

A direct railway between Katowice and Pyrzowice is probably the most significant development.A twenty four km railway is without any doubts going to be a good solution for the problem of transport in the South Poland.

The marvelous Jasna Gora in Czestochowa.
jasna gora czestochowaThis holy monastery is frequently concerned as the Polish capital of pilgrim's journeys. Every year it is entered by the great deal of believers who arrive to beg the Saint Mary for Her generosity. What's specially noteworthy about the icon is the magical force which it is associated with.

Her name is the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. The cloister was settled in the medieval times, in 1382 by the body of monks coming from Hungary. Subsequently the symbol of Virgin Mary with immature Jesus Christ was brought from Russia. From that time on it became widely recognised among the monks and the robbers.

It is viewed that it was the Virgin Mary who aided to save the monastery at the time of the Swedish entering on the Jasna Gora Monastery. Till present, Catholics from all around the world arrive to revere and tovin order to devote respects to the saint image of Black Madonna in Częstochowa.

Wieliczka - the Underground Heritage of Poland
salt mine in wieliczkaOne of the most recognisable tourist place in Central Europe. Visited by thousands of people from various parts of the world. It is a world class antiquity which can be found on UNESCO World Heritage List. What are we speaking about? Certainly, it is Wieliczka Salt Mine. The manufacture is located not so far from to one of the most important agglomeration in Central Europe - KraKow, in the southern part of the country.

Not everybody knows that the mine placed in the village of Wieliczka is running continuously since the Middle Ages. We can enquire from many books that Wieliczka is the oldest mine and one of the oldest still working company from the Middle Ages - not only in Poland but also in the entire Europe. In the present times the mine merge both wide tradition and modernness.

Tourists visiting Wieliczka have opportunity to acquaint with the operation of mining table salt and get to know better a large underground structure. Polish salt mine is also a building where many workers put their powers to product a magnificent valuable manufacture – kitchen salt.

Unforgettable experience during Dunajec rafting
rafting on dunajecSet in the southern Poland, the Dunajec is probably the most bewitching river. Passing through Pieniny Mountains, it forms a breathtaking scenery between the village Sromowce Wyżne and Szczawnica town. It also divides Poland from Slovakia. Beautiful landscapes of Pieniny Mountains are not infrequent while travelling on the Dunajec River

Once you go through the Dunajec river rafting water joy you will never forget the charm of its unbroken, unspoiled surrounding.
As local narratives say, the first Polish monarch, Bolesław Chrobry, created the mouth of the Dunajec River using his sword. many stories and narratives make this place even more enchanting and attractive for tourism.

Rafting on Dunajec River is strongly rooted in Polish tradition, culture and traditional knowledge so make sure you don’t miss it! The full-length rafting route is 23 km long and it takes 2-3 hours to cover the it.

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